Quiz #3: Advanced
Quiz #3: Advanced

Answer each question by selecting the correct blue button. Only the first answer selected is graded.

1.  A desert often forms on the leeward side of a mountain range, as shown in the cross section below. After most of the moisture is removed from the air on the windward side, deserts form on the leeward side because the sinking air:

A. compresses and warms
B. compresses and cools
C. expands and warms
D. expands and cools

2.  The base of a cumulus cloud was determined to be 500 meters above the Earth's surface. This is the altitude at which:
A. cumulos clouds always form
B. no dust is present in the air
C. the air temperature drops below 0 degrees C
D. the air temperature equals the dewpoint temperature

3.  Which statement best explains why a cloud is forming as shown in the diagram below?

A. water vapor is condensing
B. moisture is evaporating
C. cold air rises and compresses
D. warm air sinks and expands

4.  In the diagram below, arrows represent air movement near an ocean coastline on a summer afternoon. Compared to the air over the ocean, the air over land has a:

A. lower temperature and lower barometric pressure
B. lower temperature and higher barometric pressure
C. higher temperature and lower barometric pressure
D. higher temperature and higher barometeric pressure

5.  The map below shows average annual temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit across the United States. Which climatic factor is most important in determining the pattern shown in the eastern half of the United States?

A. ocean currents
B. mountain barriers
C. elevation above sea level
D. latitude

6.  Which ocean current cools the climate of some locations along the western coastline of North America?
A. Florida current
B. California current
C. Canaries current
D. Alaska current

7.  The map below shows the location of four cities, A,B,C, and D, in the western United States where prevailing winds are from the southwest. Which city most likely receives the least amount of average yearly precipitation?

A. choice (A)
B. choice (B)
C. choice (C)
D. choice (D)

8.  The planetary winds on Earth are indicated by the curving arrows in the diagram below. The curved paths of the planetary winds are a result of:

A. changes in humidity
B. changes in temperatures
C. Earth's rotation on its axis
D. Earth's gravitational force

9.  Ozone is important to life on Earth because ozone:
A. cools refrigerators and air-conditioners
B. absorbs energy that is reradiated by Earth
C. absorbs harmful ultraviolet radiation
D. destroys excess atmospheric carbon dioxide

10.  The diagram below shows the percentage of sunlight reflected by different Earth surfaces when the Sun is directly overhead. Which material reflects the least sunlight?

A. forest
B. beach
C. snow
D. ocean

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