Test Your Knowledge About the Unit 5 Chapter

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1. The law of uniformatarianism is an important tool for geologist's to determine the detective work associated with plate tectonics. From field observations scientist's try to figure out the many complex puzzles of Earth's history. Which statement supports the law of uniformitarianism?:

Mountains always stay at the same elevation

Processes that changed the Earth a long time ago, no longer exist

Fossil evidence shows that liquid water only appeared on Earth's surface in the last 50 million years

Processes that shape the Earth today are the same processes that occurred in the geologic past

2. Fossils exist only in what type of rock?





3. The law of superposition of undisturbed rock layers states:

rock layers on the bottom are the youngest

rock layers on the top are the youngest

the youngest rock layers are in the middle

the oldest rock layers are in the middle

4. The correlation of dated index fossils has lead geologist determine the geologic time scale. Which fossil is the oldest and would be found on the lowest horizontal sedimentary rock layer?

coelophysis, (dinosaurs)

elliptocephala, (trilobites)

condor, (birds)

mastodont, (mammals)

5. A recently discovered mastodont's skull was determined to contain 1/8 of its original carbon-14. How old is the skull?

5,700 years

11,400 years

17,100 years

22,800 years