Quiz #3: Advanced
Quiz #3: Advanced

Answer each question by selecting the correct blue button. Only the first answer selected is graded.

1.  The diagram below shows a portion of a stream. The sand bars formed as a direct result of:

A. erosion due to a decrease in stream velocity
B. erosion due to an increase in stream velocity
C. deposition due to a decrease in stream velocity
D. deposition due to an increase in stream velocity

2.  Dynamic equilibrium between erosion and deposition in a river exists when the amount of deposition is:
A. less than the amount of erosion
B. greater than the amount of erosion
C. the same as the amount of erosion
D. none of the above choices are correct

3.  Two streams, A and B, carry the same volume of water, but stream A has a greater velocity. The most likely cause of this greater velocity would be that stream A:
A. has more tributaries
B. has a wider streambed
C. flows down a steeper slope
D. travels over less resistant bedrock

4.  The graph below shows the relationship between particle shape and settling rate. Which statement best describes the relationship between them?

A. Flatter particles settle more slowly than rounded particles
B. Flatter particles settle faster than rounded particles
C. All particles settle at the same speed
D. Particle shape does not affect settling rate

5.  The chief agent of erosion on Earth is:
A. human beings
B. running water
C. wind
D. glaciers

6.  Which property of water makes frost action a common and effective form of weathering?
A. Water dissolves many earth materials
B. Water expands when it freezes
C. Water cools the surroundings when it evaporates
D. Water loses 80 calories of heat per gram when it freezes.

7.  Base your answer to the following question on the block diagram below, which shows some of the landscape features formed as the most recent continental glacier melted and retreated across western New York State. The shape of elongated hills labeled drumlins is most useful in determining the:

A. age of the glacier
B. direction of glacial movement
C. thickness of the glacial ice
D. rate of glacial movement

8.  Which occurs as a stream is gradually uplifted?
A. Its ability to erode will probably increase
B. Its potential energy will probably increase
C. Its amount of streambed deposits will probably increase
D. Its stream discharge will probably decrease

9.  Base your answer to the following question on the Earth Science Reference Tables and the profile shown below. The profile shows the pattern of horizontal sorting produced at a particular time when a sediment-laden stream enters the ocean. Why is this pattern of horizontal orting produced?

A. Sediments with a flatter shape settle faster
B. Lower density particles settle faster
C. Dissolved minerals are deposited first
D. Larger particles are deposited first

10.  Base your answer to the following question on the graph below, which shows the average yearly temperature and average yearly precipitation for Earth locations A through E. Which location has the climatic conditions necessary for the greatest amount of chemical weathering to occur?

A. Choice (A)
B. Choice (B)
C. Choice (C)
D. Choice (D)

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