Quiz #3: Advanced
Quiz #3: Advanced

Answer each question by selecting the correct blue button. Only the first answer selected is graded.

1.  From which measurement could the circumference of the Earth be determined?

(The two Egyptian cities shown are Alexandria and Syene.)

A. the sun's altitude at noon from two different locations at the same longitude
B. the altitude of Polaris at midnight above the northern horizon from one location.
C. the period of a Foucault pendulum at two different locations
D. gravity at the poles and at the Equator

2.  The latitude of an observer on Earth's surface can be determined by measuring the altitude of Polaris because Earth has a:

A. nearly spherical shape
B. nearly circular orbit around the Sun
C. variable length of day
D. fairly constant period of revolution

3.  When the time of day for a certain ship at sea is 12 noon, the time of day at the Prime Meridian ("0" degrees longitude) is 5PM. What is the ship's longitude?
A. 45 degrees west
B. 45 degrees east
C. 75 degrees west
D. 75 degrees east

4.  The diagram below shows the altitude of Polaris above the horizon at a certain location. What is the latitude of the observer?

A. 10 degrees north
B. 40 degrees north
C. 50 degrees north
D. 90 degrees north

5.  A contour map is shown below. Elevations are shown in feet. Which side of Amethyst Hill has the steepest slope?

A. north
B. south
C. east
D. west

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