Test Your Knowledge About the Unit 11 Chapter

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1. As water from a river goes toward the ocean, which statement about the amount of pollution in the water is true?

as a river approaches the ocean, the velocity of the water decreases

as a river approaches the ocean, the amount of pollution decreases

the further away a river is from its source the less polluted it is

the further away a river is from its source the more polluted it is

2. As Earth's human population is growing exponentially, the amount of pollution is:

decreasing as technology is improving

staying about the same, because civilized developed countries are protecting the world's environment

increasing an an alarming rate

none of the above

3. Acid rain in New England has approximately pH values between 4.0 to 4.5. Below the pH level of 4.5: all fish, frogs and insects die. What two air pollutants are most responsible for acid rain?

ozone and oxygen

sulfur dioxide and nitric oxide

iron oxide and copper oxide

lead oxides and PCB's

4.Which human process adds the most amount of carbon dioxide and pollutants into Earth's atmosphere?

airplane travel

cars and trucks

burning coal to produce electricity

burning natural gas to produce electricity

5. Where is the best location to remove pollutants that would harm our environment?

at the source

at landfills

chimney stacks

automobile exhausts