Prologue Quiz Level 3
Prologue Quiz Level 3

Answer each question by selecting the correct blue button. Only the first answer selected is graded.

1.  What type of tectonic plate boundary is shown below?

A. Divergent Plate
B. Transform Plate
C. Convergent Plate = "subduction zone"
D. Hot Spot

2.  As shown in the diagram below. What type of felsic igneous rock forms as the magma reaches the atmosphere and solidifies quickly?

A. Gabbro
B. Dunite
C. Pegmatite
D. Rhyolite

3.  What is the active agent of erosion that is responsible for the formation of the Mesa?

A. Wind
B. Liquid Water
C. Ice
D. Lava


4.  Based upon the diagram below, the yellow and blue arrows represent tornado's as they approach Oklahoma City. What is the direction of the prevailing wind?

A. Northeast
B. Southeast
C. Southwest
D. Northwest

5.  What is the major reason why the snow cover over the Earths north pole is at a maximum during the months of December, January and February?

A. Furthest distance from the Sun
B. Tilt of the Earth (23.5 degrees)
C. Closest distance from the Sun
D. Oceanic Tides

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