Prologue Chpt Review

Answer each question by selecting the correct blue button. Only the first answer selected is graded.

1.  What are the most likely units of measure obtained by using an electronic scale?
A. meters
B. grams
C. liters
D. kilometers

2.  Four students calculated the density of lead, based upon their measurements of mass and volume. The numbers that follow are the percent errors of each student. Which student has the most accurate calculation?
A. 5%
B. 10%
C. 50%
D. 200%

3.  A sample of rock has a density of 5 grams/cubic centimer. If the rock were cut into equal pieces, what would be the density of these smaller fragments?
A. 2.0 grams/cubic centimeters
B. 2.5 grams/cubic centimeters
C. 5.0 grams/cubic centimeters
D. 10.0 grams/cubic centimeters

4.  What does (3.7 X 10) raised to the 9th power represent written to as a standard decimal number?
A. 37.9
B. 3,700,000,000.0
C. 0.000037
D. 37,000,000,000.0

5.  Why do ships float higher in sea water than they do in fresh water?
A. Sea water is more dense than fresh water.
B. Sea water is less dense than fresh water.
C. Sea water and fresh water have the same density.
D. The ship took on more cargo when it went from the fresh waer into the salt water.

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