Regents Earth Science Essential Labs


Note: This is the lab index for this years Earth Science lab reports.

Lab Number and Title

1- The Penny Problem

2A-Metric Skills

2B-Earths Speed of Rotation

3-Sunspot Predictions


4B-Density & Internet

5-Graph Analysis

6A-Topographic Map, Contour Maps and Isolines

6B-Croton Falls Quadrangle

6C-An Ocean Bottom Profile

6D-Defining Fields Investigation

7A-Cross Sectional Model of Earth

7B-Name That Mineral

7C-Energy and Rates of Crystallization

8A-The Bermuda Triangle

8B-Graphing Lab (S&P)

9A-Igneous Rocks Identification

9B-Sedimentary Rock Identification

9C-Metamorphic Rock Identification

10A-TASA Plate Tectonics

10B-Volcano World

10C-Virtual Earthquake

11A-Epicenter Lag Times

11B-Distance to Epicenter

11C-Locating the Epicenter

12A-Subduction Zone/Island Arc/Trenches

12B-Plate Motions/Hot Spots and Plumes

12C-Dynamic Crust/Continental Drift

13A-Acid Rain and Our World

13B-Weathering Lab "Chalk"

14A-How Do Potholes Form?

14B-Rock Abrasion

15A-Deposition/Settling Lab

15B-Deposition/Solving for an Unkown

16A-Sequence of Events


16C-Geographic Time Scale Calendar

16D- M&M's Half Life Lab

17A-Relative Humidity Lab

17B-Stationary Relative Humidity Lab


17D-Insolation: Absorption and Radiation

18A-High's, Low's and Winds

18B-Air Mass Characteristics

18C-Put a Cloud in a Bottle

18D-Dew Point and Cloud Formation

19A-Changes in State:(Water)

19B-Intoduction to Weather Maps: Station Model

19C-Natural Clouds

19D-Tornado Lab

19E-Climate of Imaginary Continent

20A-A Synoptic Weather Map

20B-Mass and Temperature of Air

20C-Hurricane Mapping:(Andrew)

21-Porosity Too

22-Paper Chromatography

23A-Permeability (Sand & Gravel)

23B-Movement of Water in Soil

24-UV and ME

25-The Sun's Path

26-Sun's Movement and Angles

27-Tide Calendar

28-Using the ESRT #1

29-Kepler's Laws

30-Orbit, Ellipse, and Eccentricity

31-Beyond Earth: Galaxy Classification

32-Eccentricity, (Boards)

33-Using the ESRT #2

34-Constructing Profile and Cross-sections

35-Electromagnetic Spectrum Lab

36-Swivel Sticks Lab