Earth Science Current Homework

Regents Earth Science Homework Assignments


Regents Part D - Lab Practical is Friday, May 31, 2019

Directions for the Lab Practical: 
o   Put all of your belongings in your locker, the ONLY thing you are to bring with you is a pencil. 
o   DO NOT BRING YOUR PHONE, SMART WATCHES, HEADPHONES ETC. They cannot be in the room!!! Lock them in your locker or a friends locker 
o   You do not need to bring an ESRT or calculator, they will be provided at your desk 
o   Wait outside Mrs. Lepkowski's room 112A forMr. Hugick to let you in and tell you where to sit 
o   There is NO talking or communicating once you enter the room 
o   Do not open the booklet or any testing materials until you are told to do so 
o   There are 3 stations: 1) rocks/minerals 2) earthquake epicenter 3) eccentricity 
o   You have 9 minutes at each station and may not go back to stations if you do not finish, even if you have extra time at another station 
o   Make sure you read the directions and do each step one at a time, do not start working until you have read step 1 and so on 
o   Take your time and use the ESRT, pay attending to units, rounding etc.  
Regents Review 
o   After school regents review will be every Wednesday from 5/22-6/12 either in my room or Mrs. Lepkowski's room(112A) 
o   On May 22nd, review by chapter & practice multiple choice portions of old regents exams will open on castle learning, and provided links here:

Regents 1, Regents 2, Regents 3, Regents 4, Regents 5, Regents 6, Regents 7, Regents 8

o   My suggestion is to work on chapters that are more difficult and old practice regents 
o   Take a few practice exams and make sure to check your work with the answer keys 
o   We will be working on multiple regents exams in class the first two weeks in June 
o   You can take interactive old regents exams online here: 
o   Old regents exams, answer booklets, answer keys to print: 
o   Regents review games: 
o   100 ways to pass the earth science regents exam & practice problems for each: 

THURSDAY, JUNE 20th @ 12pmo   
Please get to school by 11:30, wait in the commons 
Test will be given most likely in one of the gyms, anyone with testing accommodations will be in a separate location 
o   Test will begin around 12pm and lasts 3 hours, no one can leave before 2 hours so take your time 
o   Seats will be assigned by teacher, class period and alphabetical order 
o   When called into the gym silently find your seat by looking at the names pre-printed on the bubble sheets 
o   There is NO talking once you enter the gym 
o   A teacher must check your test before you leave, make sure you answered all questions and signed the bubble sheet 
o   What to bring: 
·  Pencils for graphs/drawings 
·  Blue/black ball point pens for bubble sheet and all short answer questions 
·  4 function or scientific calculator- graphing calculators are not allowed! 
·  Highlighters to highlight questions and the ESRT 
·  A reference table will be provided, do not bring one 
·  Water bottle- must be clear and have no writing or label on it 
·  No backpacks or other large bags